LMGA Tournament Point System – 2021




After careful consideration and review of tournament results over the past three years, the LMGA Board has decided that it is in the best interest of the membership to implement a Tournament Point System for Net Tournaments run by the organization. In follow up to the LMGA board’s interest to find a way to “level the playing field” and objectively manage our net tournaments, we investigated the Knuth Tournament Point System (http://www.popeofslope.com/pointsystem/index.html).  We decided to use the system as a framework for ours because the basic concept behind with system is consistent with our goal of only using objective criteria to determine handicap adjustments based on player results in net tournaments.

There are some challenges and shortcomings with the Knuth Point System which include:

  1. The point assignment table is complicated.  For our purposes, we recommend keeping the system as simple as possible to ensure successful implementation.
  2. This system impacts too many players.  The consensus at this time is we want to deal with the most obvious situations and minimize the number of players impacted by the adjustments.
  3. This system disproportionately impacts players with lower handicaps.  Everyone should be treated equally.

The rest of this document puts forth ideas and recommendations using the Knuth Tournament Point System as a conceptual framework while accommodating for the needs of our organization and members.  

LMGA Tournament Point System

Points are awarded for any tournament that uses handicaps for determining final results.  

Points are awarded if the LMGA pays out credits (money) for a net tournament result based on the following table:









Semifinalists in match play tournaments will both be awarded Third Place points.

Event Points Notes:

  1. Under their present formats, the Closing and Opening tournaments will not award points.
  2. Winners of the Twilight League will receive Tournament Points.  However, Twilight League will be excluded from using Handicap Adjustments because players have to individually calculate for matches each week and there was concern that this would create too many difficulties.  
  3. For the Member Guest, as presently structured, the overall tournament winner will be awarded 4 points and the Flight Winners will receive 2 points for winning their flight.
  4. The Tournament Point System will be used in the The Club Championship for flighting purposes but not for tournament play as handicaps aren’t used in the individual flight matches.

Points will be tracked and totaled on a two-year, rolling basis based on the annual tournament cycle of competitions.  

Handicap Reduction Table

Points                       (2 year period)

Handicap Reduction












The concepts behind the table structure:

  1. A player can win two tournaments (or the equivalent in terms of points from credit paying finishes) before an adjustment will be made to the player’s tournament handicap.
  2. A player will receive a small reduction for the first threshold and then be more significantly impacted by passing other thresholds in the table.
  3. We deemed 3 points (second place finish) the appropriate incremental difference after the player has reached the first threshold.


The LMGA Tournament Committee will review the Tournament Point System on an as needed basis to ensure it is working as intended and fairly implemented.  Any proposed changes to the System, if deemed necessary, will be put to Board vote for approval before being implemented.